Lycon Rosette Strip 800 ml


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Rosette Strip Wax is a creamy, luscious pink strip wax containing titanium dioxide, chamomile and rose making it superbly gentle, but with outstanding pickup on the toughest of hair and is suitable for use all over the body, including brazilians.

Strip wax (soft wax) is used by warming it in a wax heater and then spreading it thinly over the skin with a spatula. A cloth or non-woven fabric strip is then pressed firmly into the wax. It is then removed by rapidly pulling back the strip against the direction of hair growth, as parallel to the skin as possible, resulting in removal of both the wax and the hair.
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Lycon Rosette Strip 800 ml
NameLycon Rosette Strip 800 ml
Product GroupStrip Wax
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