DIP Gelish Dip Starter Kit

DIP Gelish Dip Starter Kit


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Gelish Dip & Buff. Up to 14 days wear – no UV/LED light needed, easy to soak off allergy free, acrylic system. Available in over 120 stunning shades that match Gelish Soak-Off Gel Polish.

DIP Gelish Dip Starter Kit contains the following products :

1 x Gelish Dip Prep
1 x Gelish Dip Base
1 x Gelish Dip Activator
1 x Gelish Dip Top
1 x Gelish Dip Brush Restorer
1 x Gelish Dip neutral shade
1 x Buffer 100/180 Grit

Gelish Dip Prep: Balances the nail to a neutral PH and removes any surface oils. To be used prior to application of Gelish Dip Base Coat to ensure long lasting adhesion of the Gelish Dip system.

Gelish Dip Base: Prepares and protects the natural nail ensuring optimal adhesion. To be used after applying Gelish Dip Prep and before applying Gelish Dip coloured powder.

Gelish Dip Activator: Helps to speed the drying process and provides flexibility to the final Gelish Dip colour powder layer. To be applied after the second coat of Gelish Dip coloured powder and again after filing and shaping, prior to applying Gelish Dip Top Coat.

Gelish Dip Top Coat: The final step in the Gelish Dip System. After application of all Gelish Dip products, apply two thin layers of Gelish Dip Top Coat. Contains vitamins A & E & calcuium to nourish and condition the nails.

Gelish Dip Nail Restorer. A solvent based solution used for the quick and easy removal of excess Dip Base or Top Coat product from brushes. Place hardened or thick brush in solution and soak until softened. Allow brush to dry before placing back in original bottle.

Gelish 100/180 Buffer: Is used to shape, buff and prepare the nail prior to the application of top coat.

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DIP Gelish Dip Starter Kit
NameDIP Gelish Dip Starter Kit
Product GroupGelish Dip
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