With over 30 years experience, the Australian Waxing Company team are often asked for advice when it comes to waxing and tinting. Here is a summary of their top tips! These will be particularly useful for beginners or those attempting beauty treatments from home.

Top tips for waxing:  

  1. Make sure the hair you are removing is at least ½ cm long.
  2. Heat wax in a professional wax pot- never heat on a stove top. If your wax in unevenly melted you risk burning yourself.
  3. Ensure the wax is the right temperature- Hot wax should be the consistency of cake batter and strip wax should be runny like honey!
  4. Hold skin taunt to prevent bruising- this will help make the waxing as painless as possible.
  5. Apply an even layer of wax. Uneven application will result in difficulty in removing the wax.
  6. When removing wax- whether you’re using strip or hot wax, remove as quickly as possible in one swift movement, parallel to the skin.

If you’re waxing an intimate area, be sure to check out the bestselling Facial Waxing Kit and Sensitive Spots Waxing Kit. The strip waxing kits including Easy Off Cartridge Kit or DIY Strip Wax Kit would be ideal for leg, chest and back waxing.

Top tips for lash and brow tinting: 

  1. Always use the same brand for both your tint and oxidant for guaranteed results. Mix equal parts of both and thoroughly blend together.
  2. Allow tint to process for 10 minutes – processing for less time will colour the hairs initially but you won’t get the longevity out of your tint!
  3. Always cleanse the brows or lashes with an oil-free eye makeup remover prior to applying tint.
  4. Use a protection cream to prevent any unwanted skin staining and tidy up any errors with a cotton tip.
  5. Apply tint with an angled tint brush for a professional application!

The RefectoCil Brow Bonanza Tint Kit contains everything you need for an at home tint. If you’re looking for a kit that covers both waxing and tinting, look no further than the WOW Brow Styling Kit.

All kits sold through Australian Waxing Company HERE contain professional quality salon products. Always read instructions before use.