Supercharge brows and lashes with the RefectoCil Lash & Brow Booster

Lash and brow serums have been available since the mid 1940’s when it was discovered that certain medicated ingredients could improve lash and brow growth, however with the advent of social media and the swing towards bigger brows and lash extensions, they are bigger business than ever. Lashes and Brows continue dominate the beauty landscape with microblading, lash extensions and lash lifting driving salon profitability. With clients investing more time and budget into their lashes and brows, there is a growing demand to enhance the actual appearance of the lash and brow, without makeup or other treatments. As therapists, it is our job to look after the quality of our client’s lashes and brows, as well as giving them their desired results. Many clients have sparse, uneven, brows and thinning, short lashes and are looking for a safe and effective solutions. In many cases, clients have thin lashes due to overuse of lash extensions, or sparse brows due to years of waxing and tweezing.

Lash serums burst onto the beauty landscape via medicated products intended for burns therapy or glaucoma treatment. These formulas were found to improve lash and brow growth dramatically, however they sometimes caused unwanted side effects. The new generation of lash and brow serums supports the growth phase of the lash and brow, creating dramatically longer, stronger, thicker, hair growth without these side effects. This is the perfect treatment for clients wanting to reduce their reliance on brow tattooing or lash extensions, or to enhance the overall result.

Refectocil has entered the market with their new lash and brow booster, with a clinically proven natural formula to improve lash and brow growth in six to ten weeks. Simply apply a small amount on clean lash roots and brows daily to achieve your desired result.

Refectocil are a market leader with over 70 years experience in the lash and brow market.

Their new lash and brow booster improves growth by up to 54% in 6-10 weeks. A combination of biotin and hyaluronic acid work synergistically to nourish and hydrate the hair, whilst Black Sea Rod Oil ( a natural source of prostaglandins sourced from south sea coral ) extends the natural growth cycle of the hair shaft to lengthen the hair and reduce gaps or patchiness. It is important to advise your client that lash serums do take time to take effect, and need to be applied daily to see best results.

Core Benefits:

  • fuller, fluffier brows with fewer gaps
  • longer lashes
  • recovery from damage due to overplucking brows / lash extensions
  • maintain a more youthful , defined appearance without makeup
  • ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested

To view before and after results of the RefectoCil Lash & Brow Booster, click here.