RefectoCil Sensitive


RefectoCil Sensitive tints are the perfect alternative for clients with skin sensitivity!

Eyebrows and eyelashes of sensitive clients can be highlighted and enhanced in a natural and gentle way as this range is based on herbal ingredients and plant extracts such as green tea, blueberry,  hydrangea, St. John’s wort, horse chestnut and yarrow as well as the anti inflammatory and antibacterial ingredient Silver Nitrate.


The process is simple and easy!

Step 1: Cleanse the eye are thoroughly with RefectoCil Eye Make-up Remover

Step 2: Ensure lashes and brows are DRY before starting the treatment

Step 3: For protection against unwanted skin staining, apply RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream & Eye Mask around the brows and/or eye area. If tinting eyelashes use Silicone Pads or RefectoCil Tint Paper for further protection.

Step 4: Dispense colour gel in chosen shade into the artist palette and apply evenly to brows or lashes.

Step 5: Wait 2 minutes and then thoroughly remove colour gel with a DRY cotton round or cotton tip.

Step 6: Dispense RefectoCil Developer Gel into the second, clean chamber and apply to brows and/or lashes

Step 7: After 1 minute remove Developer Gel with a damp cotton round. Silicone Pads can also now be removed and excess RefectoCil Skin Protection cream and Eye Mask can be massage into the skin.