Lash Lift and Lash Curl by RefectoCil

Lash Lifting has fast taken the Beauty industry by storm. There is no surprise that this quick procedure has become a favorite amongst beauty professionals and their clients, as results last up to 8 weeks and there is no downtime afterwards. Woman today juggle careers, families and personal lives and are always looking for ways to make their morning beauty routines quicker and easier. This treatment is perfect for those who want a lower maintenance, less time-consuming alternative to lash extensions.


A lash lift instantly gives your natural lashes a lift, curl, separation and more definition whilst making them appear longer. Lashes can also be tinted during the procedure, so daily application of mascara and use of eyelash curlers can be kept to a minimum and saved for in between treatments.


Unlike many other brands on the market, RefectoCil offers two kit styles to meet the demand of clients wanting different looks. The RefectoCil Lash Lift kit is designed to make lashes appear longer and fuller with more of a high lifted effect and a subtle curl. The kit includes reusable Silicon Lash Lift Pads in 3 sizes, meaning each treatment can be fully customized to each individual. This kit is best used on a client with longer lashes.


The RefectoCil Lash Curl Kit is designed to achieve a deeper curved curl, making it the perfect tool to enhance straighter, shorter lashes. This kit contains curling rods that are both self adhesive and disposable. The process for each of these treatments is the same, essentially the silicone lash pads or the curling rods are adhered to the eyelids with a non-toxic glue. The lashes are then lifted upwards, secured and separated evenly using a lash lift tool. Lash separation is the most crucial step as this will determine how the lashes will set once solution is applied.


The RefectoCil kits have the added advantage of fast processing times for both the lash perm solution (8 minutes) and neutraliser (5 minutes). Once the neutralising process is complete, tint can be directly applied onto the pads or rods. As the perm solution has already opened the cuticles of the lash hairs, development time for the tint is reduced to only 2 minutes. Remove tint and viola! Perfectly lifted and styled lashes.


In the days and weeks after the treatment, care products should be used to condition the lashes and prevent breakage of any fine hairs. The RefectoCil range includes a Styling Gel for daytime and an intensive Care Balm for nighttime use. Both products contain active ingredients such as D-Panthenol, helping to bind moisture to keep hairs healthy and prolong tint colour.


It is essential that lash artists are kept up to date with education and training to ensure treatments are executed correctly, as the process is constantly being innovated to improve procedure times and results. For a step-step tutorial at RefectoCil lash lifting, click here.