1. File your nails into shape. Nails with sharp edges such as square or pointed tend to break easier. For longer lasting results, try square round or oval shaped nails!


  1. Soak nails in a warm water bath for 3 minutes to soften cuticles then gently push cuticles back with cuticle pusher.


  1. Buff and shine nails with a nail buffer. This will remove any dead nail cells and allow for a smooth application of base coat.


  1. Apply base coat in 3, even strokes. Base coat helps colour go on smooth and your at home mani will last much longer.


  1. 2 thin coats of polish is always best! Avoid applying colour in 1 thick application. This will give you a longer lasting, faster drying, professional finish!


  1. Finish off polish application with a top coat. Top coat will help to prevent nails from chipping and give your manicure a high shine, salon finish!


  1. No manicure is complete without cuticle oil. Once polish has completely dried, treat cuticles to a small amount of cuticle oil and massage.


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