Gradually, from Winter 2017, Gelish has been updating their gel polish formulation, as well as the 15 ml bottle and brush. The new formulation, according to Gelish®, is:

  • enhanced for better stability
  • enhanced for better stability
  • product flow improved
  • easier and smoother to apply

What’s the same?

  • smooth application
  • streak-free and shiny
  • chip-free for up to 21 days

We’ve never had any issues with the Gelish formulation, so honestly it just seems like the same great product!


The new bottle features:

  • A new overall shape, same as Gelish Dip bottles and Morgan Taylor lacquer
  • Shrink-wrapped, enclosed bottle with larger color selection as well as colour band around neck of bottle

New bottle pros:

  • Branding continuity within the Hand and Nail Harmony brand
  • Opaque wrapper with no window means you won’t have your Gelish curing inside the bottle (due to being exposed unintentionally to UV light, including ambient UV light in the room)
  • color band can be seen from almost any angle
  • More difficult to counterfeit

New bottle cons:

  • Gelish has re-named some of their old colors to match them to Gelish Dip and Morgan Taylor color names
  • This may be a little annoying, but we are working on updating our names of the various colours

The new brush features:

  • dome-bristled brush
  • increased bristle count
  • ergonomic cap

New brush pros:

  • smooth application with full coverage
    • increased product control when polishing in the cuticle area
    • helps pick-up the perfect amount of product
    • Final word – it will take most of this year until all the shades are available in the new bottles.

New brush pros:

  • They are bulkier than the old ones, making it more difficult to apply on very small nails
  • Takes time to adjust to get a precision application given the oval shape
  • Takes time to become accustomed to correct product load onto brush

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Content credit – Smoke & Mirrors Nail Blog