What it is and What it Does:

It is a penetrating toughening agent that through heat and light curing, repairs severe nail damage.  It increases surface hardness and can work specifically to repair damaged areas, e.g. splits, peeling and free-edge delamination.    It is a salon only treatment.


This amazing product really helps in repairing nails caused by excessive drilling, acetone and general damage which can arise after prolonged use of gels, acrylics and lacquer.  It can also be used on clients who have chronic nail damage through illness and/or the elderly
It is a formaldehyde-free product which penetrates the upper layers of the nail plate resulting in stronger, yet flexible nails.  After curing, IBX locks in to form an IPN (Interpenetrating Polymer Network) within the upper layers of the nail.  This becomes a permanent addition to the nail plate which is the foundation of the IBX magic which encourages natural nail growth and protects nails underneath gel polish.  It forms a protective shield for the natural nail and reduces surface-based white spots or dehydration.

After treatment, lacquer and gel polish can be applied as normal as IBX will not interfere with the application of these products.

Weekly treatments for a month and once monthly maintenance is all that is necessary – we are amazed at the difference over a three week period.


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