This is how to correctly remove your Gelish Gel or Dip nails:

Firstly, purchase this Gel & Dip Remover Kit!

1) Using an 80/80 grit file, carefully file the product on the nails down. Do this for all nails. This ensures most of the product is filed off before soaking in Gelish Soak off Remover.

2) Use the Gelish Soak off Remover and the Gel Wrap Foil Removers- soak the cotton area in the Foil Remover with Gelish Remover and then wrap each finger individually with the cotton pad facing down on the nail plate. Twist the top of the foil to secure in place.

3) Wait 15-20 minutes to allow Gelish Soak off Remover to dissolve the old Dip product

4) Unwrap each of the foil wraps and use the 80/80 grit file to gently file down product on nails- the excess product should ‘roll off like gum’.

5) Repeat steps 2-4 (you may only need to wait an additional 10 minutes for nails to soak in Gelish Remove)

6) Shape the nail to the desired shape using a Black Beauty File.

7) Gently buff the natural nail to smooth out the nail surface and edges using the Gelish Eco Buffer

8) Wash your hands using warm soapy water and dry thoroughly to remove dust debris.

9) Nourish and rehydrate your nails with Gelish Nourish cuticle