How to do a Lash Lift |
You will need:

A Lash Lift Starter Kit, which includes 30 sachets each of perm solution & neutralizer.  Silicone rods (4 sizes) perm applicator brush, metal lash lifter tool, 5 ml Belma-Remove  & Lash Adhesive Glue.  You will also need some cotton rounds and a small bowl of lukewarm water.

Full How to Video:

More info on lash lifting !!


Choosing the correct rod size is the most important step in the lash lift procedure. To obtain the perfect curl, the lashes should cover two thirds of the rod. If the lashes cover the entire rod, the result will be too rounded or curly which will give the effect of the lashes being very short.  Not desirable.


It is much easier to perform this treatment successfully if you have the right tools:


Using the Collagen Undereye Pads is really helpful when performing the lift as they keep the bottom lashes completely protected, enabling you to work on a clear surface.


The Metal Lash Lifting Tool: a precision instrument which enables the lashes to be lifted straight upwards onto the silicon rods. Don’t try to use anything else!


Always lift the lashes straight up onto the rods.  Do not try to sweep or flare the lashes outwards.  When done correctly the outer lashes will naturally drop and flare outwards.  If done incorrectly, the outer lashes can become twisted.


Separating the individual lashes:  Apply the lash adhesive to one section of lashes at a time, i.e. outer lashes, then inner section.  Once you have finished lifting the lashes onto the rods use the pointed end of the metal lash lifter tool to separate and straighten the lashes.  This must be done quickly ensuring the adhesive doesn’t dry.   If the adhesive starts to dry it can be reapplied if necessary. The adhesive becomes tackier and easier to work with once it is exposed to air.


Applying the lash lift solution:  Never apply solution to the lash tips.  The solution should be applied with a brush half way up the length of the lashes.  This creates the perfect “lift” not “perm curl”.  Generally speaking, the ideal time for processing is 8 minutes.  Asian lashes lift is less time, generally around 5 minutes.


Removing the lift solution:  Using a damp cotton pad and upward strokes, gently wipe away the solution.  During this process, gently but firmly support the rod with your pinkie finger.  This also makes the process for comfortable for your client.


Applying the neutralizer:  Using a small brush, apply the neutralizer along the same lash line that the solution was applied.  NEVER leave the neutralizer on for longer than 5 minutes and NEVER apply neutralizer to the tips of the lashes.


After the wet removal method of the neutralizer and silicon rods, lift the lashes with a cotton tip.


Apply lash tint normally, however, instead of having the lashes sitting flat on protective eye papers, gently flick the lashes upwards with the tint on them – this helps ensure the lash lift does not drop or straighten.


Finally:  for people who are having a break from eyelash extensions, an eyelash lift is the perfect treatment as it gives the illusion of the lashes being longer and more defined.  Lashes can become very flat and straight after constant wearing of extensions and the lash lift makes a big difference.  Note that once a lash lift has been done, extensions cannot be attached