Gelish File Time.  Which file to use?

Confused? Read On..


WOODEN FILE – 240-240

Thin wooden file that is used for shaping the natural nail.

Gelish 240 x 240 file
Gelish 180/180 file

180/180 GRIT

Used for refining and finishing any artificial nail surface.

150/150 GRIT

Single file used for shaping the nail enhancement and for quick surface filing.

Gelish 150/150 File

SANITIZABLE – Fully washable and sanitizable. We recommend spraysanitation for your files.

DURABLE – Reinforced center and special shape to strengthen and prolong the life of the file.


220/280 BUFFER

Designed to finish buff the artificial nail and removes file demarcations on the artificial nail surface.

Gelish 220/280 Buffer
Gelish 100/180 Eco Buffer

ECO 100/180 BUFFER

Is a new style of buffer designed for buffing (not filing) the natural nail without creating stress or friction on the nail itself.


Is a 2-sided shiner buffer that will create the perfect high shine finish for either the natural nail or artificial nail surface.

Gelish Shine Buffer