Although the henna brow has been popular in the last year, there’s a new brow trend taking the industry by storm and the team at Australian Waxing Company couldn’t wait to get their hands on it and try it out.

RefectoCil Australia is one of the world leaders in lash and brow tints and has a huge following of loyal customers who use their oxidative tint range. It’s no surprise their RefectoCil Sensitive range is just as good. Recently RefectoCil Australia has been conducting complimentary colour blending master classes for industry professionals and the demand for RefectoCil Sensitive has skyrocketed!

We joined one of the RefectoCil master classes and were fascinated by the treatment procedure when using RefectoCil Sensitive. It is completely different to an oxidative tint and is not a henna product despite the similarities in plant based ingredients. After the RefectoCil trainer had demonstrated a step by step application we really saw why this range is so great- the skin stain that is left behind is second to none!

We decided to put it to the test and conduct a mini competitive analysis of our own. We did a test patch of two of our most popular oxidative tints and well as a henna product and applied it alongside RefectoCil Sensitive and watched the results over a week. Below are images of our findings which really do speak for themselves.

We found RefectoCil Sensitive to have the longest lasting stain whilst still being even over the skin and didn’t come off patchy. We have stocked henna products for many years and we often hear feedback that users are disappointed with the longevity of the skin stain. Whilst skin type, lifestyle and other factors need to be taken into consideration when using either product we were so happy with our findings we had to share it with you all!

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