Waxing is never going to be considered a “pamper” treatment but here is a few quick tips on how to avoid pain during a waxing session…

  1. No Scream Cream – applying a topical anaesthetic like EMLA an hour or so prior to waxing makes a huge difference. These Creams numb the skin and are perfect for small areas such as the face, underarms or bikini area. For larger areas, numbing sprays work a treat! Ensure you apply these at least half an hour before waxing.
  2. Trim, Trim, Trim – Waxing shorter hair is far less painful – both when applying and during removal. Use scissors (with care!) and rechargeable clippers for large areas (chests). The shorter the hair the better – this is really important, especially when waxing areas with dense growth, e.g. Brazilians and chests.
  3. Stretch the skin as much as you can! By keeping the surrounding skin tight prior to removing wax, you minimise pulling or bruising the skin.
  4. Use quality products that minimise re-applying. Professional, salon standard waxes make a huge difference to the comfort level. Cheap, nasty waxes can break or just not remove the hair. Always follow instructions including using any pre-waxing products which prepare the skin for best results.
  5. Time of the month! Don’t attempt waxing at that time of the month when you are much more sensitive to pain or just not feeling up to it! Also if you are very stressed or tired, do yourself a favour and wait!
  6. Regular waxing – Forget not waxing during winter! The more regular the intervals between waxing, the easier it gets as the hair becomes weaker over time.
  7. Steer clear of any topical treatment with alcohol for at least 24 hours post-wax


Thats it, you can thank us next time. Don’t forget to check the comments and leave your own tip..